Magnetic Eyelashes-New fashion storm in lashes industry

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Magnetic Eyelashes-New fashion storm in lashes industry

Long charming lashes have always been something fashion girls wanted.

And there’s a abundance of ways to achieve this nowadays.Like False Eyelashes,Eyelashes Extension,Mascara.

For Eyelashes Extension,you must go to beauty salon for extension and maintence,

It expensive and also time costing.

For False Eyelashes,it need glue,and if we don’t have an very good skill to wear it,

Its very easily to hurt our eyes and demage our natural lashes.

About Mascara,it don’t have an such good effect as the false eyelashes.


Recently,there have a revolutionary solution to all of these prblems,and it is also must bring an fashion storm in lashes industry.


This is the magnetic eyelashes.

Using micro-magnetic technology, created a pair of lashes that lock onto your natural lashes for a full, beautiful look—no glue required!


Magnetic Lashes are a simple concept that will have you wondering why you haven’t used them your whole life. Instead of fumbling around with sticky glue, these lashes make it easy to have an instant voluminous lash in minutes that can be re-used over and over.Magnetic fake eyelashes will make your life so much easier.


Magnetic False Eyelashes are Mess and Glue Free, and takes you seconds to apply, saving you time. Magnetic False Lashes are Ultra-Lightweight. You won’t feel like you are wearing fake lashes at all. Glue free design won’t cause irritation to your eyes or cause damage to your natural eye lashes. With proper care your magnetic lash it can be reused, saving you money from buying false lashes. Designed by professional makeup artists to bring you a salon experience in the comfort of your home.


Begin to own some magnetic eyelashes for your eyes now.

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