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New Product:Magnet Lashes

Different from the general false eyelashes only one piece, the magnet false eyelashes are one side up and one side down.
This time try to wear the right eye, pay attention to the left hand with the down piece of eyelashes.Use the opposite hand,use left hands for the right eyelashes fitting !

Right hand pick up the upper piece of eyelashes, and keep curl side up.

Put the two together, it sucked up, it is the magnet principle.

To wear on the eyes, in fact, is the up and down two eyelashes clip your true eyelashes. Like this, the left hand holding the down piece of eyelashes, eyelid micro-closure to the down piece of hair on the roots of the eyelashes, and then down on the up one, you can firmly suck, is simple and magical!

Because it is a magnet, there is no need remover products unloaded. When remove just pay attention not to pull hard, that will hurt your real eyelashes, as long as gently rub, so thatseparate magnets, you can get it.

The magnet  eyelashes almost have no loss,and very convenient to wear and unload,it is must to be an new popular  lashes.

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